Yin Kong

Building generational community in Chinatown through civic engagement, storytelling and the arts

Black and white photograph of Yin Kong
Think Chinatown
Creativity & Culture
Black and white photograph of Yin Kong

Yin believes Chinatown’s survival depends on the community’s ability to advocate for equal access to resources. Together with an intergenerational group of volunteers, she built Think!Chinatown, a non-profit focusing on neighborhood engagement fostered by storytelling and the arts. Through projects like Chinatown Arts Week, The Art of Storytelling, & Everyday Chinatown, T!C honors, explores, and presents the culture and history of the community that have long made NYC’s Chinatown a vibrant immigrant neighborhood. Guided by an older generation of Chinatown organizers, Yin directs community actions to address neighborhood issues. Yin dreams of hosting kitchen classes, artists residencies, art exhibits, & community workshops in a permanent space for and in Chinatown.