Talia Scott

Diversifying the legal field by providing money, mentors and resources to high potential Black women applying to law school

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Legally Blk Fund
Black and white image of Talia Scott

As the child of an undocumented immigrant and a product of the NYC public school system, Talia grew up with an understanding of how inaccessible the law could be for minorities and immigrants. It wasn’t until she met Michelle Obama when she realized she not only could learn law, but be at the table. While applying to law school herself, Talia started the Legally BLK Fund, a non-profit to bridge the gap for high potential Black women who want to go to law school but don’t know how to get there.

Legally BLK Fund cuts through common barriers that disproportionately impact women of color — lack of mentors in the field, limited knowledge on the process, financial costs to access quality tutoring and admissions consultants, and a community of others going through it. Talia aims to build Legally BLK Fund beyond the $40K in scholarships she’s already provided; she aspires to change the law by changing who gets to shape it.