Qween Jean

Ensuring NYC is a refuge for queer and trans people with good food, weekly dinners, and connection to care

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Black Trans Liberation
Human Rights
Black and white image of Qween Jean

Qween Jean is dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem that fosters inclusivity and celebrates the resilience of queer and trans communities. With her expertise in business and the arts, including two master’s degrees in Business and MFA from Tisch School of the Arts, Qween Jean brings a unique perspective to her work. She actively engages with the Off-Broadway Theater Community, using storytelling and costume design to explore social and economic systems and advocate for change.

Qween Jean’s efforts have been captured in the groundbreaking book “Revolution is Love: A Year of Black Trans Liberation,” which chronicles the inspiring stories, portraits, and victories of the trans community. With a vision for transformation and the determination to create lasting change, Qween Jean is a powerful force driving progress in the city.