Paul S Mankiewicz

Designing plant and water solutions built into NYC’s urban environment to cool the city and increase carbon capture

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Leaf Island
Environment & Sustainability
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Paul is on a mission to bring nature back into New York City. By designing and constructing living structures across the city, he aims to combat heat islands, capture CO2, and remove air pollutants, improving public health and well-being. With over 20 years of experience in ecological restoration and green infrastructure, Paul has demonstrated the transformative power of integrating greenery into urban environments. His innovative approach includes the use of patented ultra-lightweight soil called GaiaSoil, made from recycled Styrofoam.

Through projects like green roofs, stormwater capture systems, and native plant meadows, Paul aims to make green infrastructure more accessible, cost-effective, and scalable, turning waste into a sustainable path for the future of New York City.