Lloyd Cambridge

Building a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to turn their side hustles into sustainable businesses

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Progress Playbook
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While there is a big focus on high growth technology companies, Lloyd is dedicated to helping talented New Yorkers start and grow sustainable businesses. Recognizing entrepreneurship as a powerful tool for transformation, Lloyd creates programs through his company, Progress Playbook, which helps entrepreneurs build ideas from scratch into profitable and healthy businesses. He has spent years building several programs already, but aspires to take it to the next level. His plan is to develop and run a comprehensive long-term program that provides hands-on support at every stage of business development. The platform also includes an online resource center featuring how-to guides, NYC entrepreneur stories, and valuable resources such as funding programs and tools.

With over 20 years of experience supporting small businesses in NYC, Lloyd has successfully assisted over 10,000 entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses. By offering a deep and long-term investment in low-income entrepreneurs, Lloyd aims to address the challenges they face and provide the necessary resources, support, and knowledge to cultivate the businesses and communities they envision and love.