Gregory Purnell

Helping barbers extend their reach to New Yorkers in need through partnerships, scheduling, and expense budgets

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Look Good, Feel Good
Placemaking & Neighborhoods
Black and white photo of Gregory Purnell

For 38 years, Greg The Barber has cut hair. He describes his craft as an ancient artform - more than just a haircut, Greg doubles as a therapist, social worker, accountability partner, and artist. Based in Brownsville, where most of his career is rooted, Greg has long seen his work as an essential service regardless of one’s luck or ability to pay for the neighborhood so often cuts for free. Now, he’s scaling up his accessible service: partnering with shelters, Greg wants to build a network of trusted barbers - and the infrastructure like scheduling, tax incentives, and expense budget - that can provide consistent services free of charge to those who need it most.