Diana Adams

Creating a safe future for all families, regardless of biological or legal relationship

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Chosen Family Law Center
Black adn white image of Diana Adams

Diana believes that existing laws fail to keep up with the evolving definitions of ‘family.’ Today, less than half of US adults are married, and in a diverse city like NYC, home to the largest LGTBQIA+ community in the country, that number is higher. Diana founded The Chosen Family Law Center to provide free legal services for low-income New Yorkers, professional/public education, and advocacy for those who define family beyond nuclear. Part of this support includes free direct legal services for low-income New Yorkers who are LGBTQIA+ or in non-nuclear families through tailored initiatives like the Trans Umbrella Project, Poly Families Project, Queer Kinship Project, and Asylee Assistance Project. Diana also drafts policy and laws that increase rights for platonic partnerships and chosen families. Together with coalition partners, Diana helped pass the US’s first multi-partner domestic partnership and relationship structure non-discrimination laws in Massachusetts and California, and will soon be drafting legislation to expand protections for New Yorkers.