Danielle Isadora Butler

Building a future in New York where the waterways are as vibrant as the rest of the city

Tideland Institute
Environment & Sustainability

Danielle Isadora Butler and N.D. Austin created the Tideland Institute. Tideland Institute builds on-water cultural experiences and social infrastructure that prototypes the future of New York as a vibrant coastal city. They believe that climate change needs culture change and are engaging New Yorkers through events, installations, and resource sharing to rebuild a relationship and cultural ecosystem with New York Harbor.

With her work on the water, Butler layers her experience as a designer, teacher, creative producer, and artist. From planting anti-erosion willows as a kid to sailing across the Atlantic, water has always been an essential theme in her life.

Butler and Austin uniquely approach New York’s estrangement from the water with experience design techniques, seeking to engage climate change issues, not with fear, but through a lens of opportunity and celebration of place.